Common questions

What is a Premium membership?

When you sign up for a Premium membership you have unlimited access to our database and you can approach as many potential business partners if you like. Hoewever it is not allowed to spam members by accessing large groups of members at the same time or by sending unwanted emails. Members can block you and report you and at the worse case we will end your membership without notification and no refund will be done. But we are sure paying Premium members are here because they want to extend their network and not spam other members.

Why do I have to pay € 0,01 for a free membership?

To ensure that the subscription in the name of the right person quits,  verification is of importance. Your name or the name of your company and bank account must match. To verify your name and bank account we ask you therefore to pay 1 eurocent. This is a prerequisite for the identification. This way we can ensure our security and yours and keep scammers out.

What is a free membership?

When you have a free membership you can be found by other members through our database but you cannot look yourself into our database and look for other business partners. If companies want to contact you then you can only reply to their messages. So your access is limited. We have very affordable rates for a Premium membership. Check them out!