Register your company

Step 1 - Choose your membership

The Free Membership allows you to register your company in a worldwide database. Your company can be found by other companies when they are interested and contact you. You can communicate with them after they contact you. It is not possible for you to contact other companies.

The Premium Membership entitles you to access the worldwide database and look for detailed profiles of companies. You can contact as much companies as you feel like. There are no limits.

Step 2 - Pay your membership fee

The membership fee for a free membership is free.

For a premium membership you pay € 50,00 for one year, for some countries in Africa and Asia we offer a discount of € 10. After a year your premium membership will automatically change into a free membership unless you decide to extend your premium membership.

Step 3 - Register your company

After registering as a free member or paying for your premium membership you can complete your companies profile as it will show in our database. Only company profiles who are fully completed will be shown in our database. So make sure all the requested fields are filled out.

Free membership

€ 0 one time fee
  • + Publish profile
  • - Extended database search
  • - Detailed profiles

Premium membership

€ 50 per year
  • + Publish profile
  • + Extended database search
  • + Detailed profiles